Indigo Children

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Who are they?

Spiritual beings who have come to teach us how to connect to our higher selves. They began being born around the 1970’s, but not all those born in this time are Indigo Children. These beings are born with knowing they are special, and have a hard time fitting in with the rest of society. They are confident, old souls that aren’t afraid to speak their Truth- Universal Truth. Another way to describe them are “system busters,” and also have a hard time with authoritative figures. Depression, addictions, and/or ADHD are common misdiagnosis. They are very intuitive/psychic that are surrounded by Angels, and also bond easily with other life forms such as animals and plants.

Why are they here?

They came to change the future, help guide others back to their inner self.

“Through their sensitivity to chemicals, processed foods, and authority, they are showing us what has to change in our world. They’re sensitive to so many things. An indigo child will tell you that we should not be using these detrimental chemicals if we truly loved our earth and each other.” 

-Spiritual Growth Prophecies


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