7 Main Chakras

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All life forms are made up of energy, anything that exists holds a different vibration.
Humans have 7 main energy systems, that work together
to stay balanced and keep a homeostasis state. Each chakra has an unique
vibration. It’s important to keep our chakras clear and balanced,
otherwise things such as disease and illness floods our lives.
Here is a little bit about the chakras: 

Root Chakra: stability, grounding, survival, material world

Sacral Chakra: emotions & relationships, self-worth, creativity, sexual drive, empathy

Solar Plexus: metoabolism, self-esteem, happiness, energy, social identity

Heart Chakra: Love, Trust, Compassion, Forgiveness, Understanding

Throat Chakra: Expression, Listening, Communication, Writing, Speaking

Third Eye: Psychic abilities, Visions, Connection to higher self, Channeling

Crown Chakra: Consciousness, Cosmic Connection, Enlightenment, “God” Source


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