Who We Are:

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“We empower others to achieve
in mind, body, & spirit with holistic
approaches & tools.”

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~Our Mission~

We are here to inspire & empower ALL beings who are on their individual paths. We achieve this by providing uplifting, balancing, healing tools that make this Earth journey a healthier one. We offer this channel of light for like-minded beings who also wish to achieve their highest potential! Fulfilling our mission creates joy for the employees and owners our business~



We use eco-friendly, recycled products. This includes organic & natural ingredients, as well as using renewable and/or recycled packaging. We are not only conscious about the wellness of humans, but all life- including the planet. We strive to provide affordable prices, because we believe EIMG_5390VERYONE deserves the right to a balanced lifestyle. At Eye Empower Jewels, we are about being ONE- mind, body, and spirit- not only as individuals, but as a collective conscious. We strive to continue adapting and evolving with the world around us in positive, uplifting ways! (ln Start-Up Cost Sheet)


We donate 5% of all sales to other empowering organizations & movements. In January 2017, we gave 33% of our collected funds to protect our right to clean water at Standing Rock. Every month is different & new cause, to ensure the Love is being shared everywhere!

Another 5% is given to our volunteer promoters! We’ve been blessed to be connected to some awesome beings who have willingly given their time & gifts to share the word of our business, and what we do! So we thank them by giving back to them! By using their promo codes on our site, we are able to share 5% of that sale with the promoters. In other words, by SAVING money, you also GIVE money to others!


Our Healers:

Hello Beings!
My name is Katelyn Sjoquist, an empathic, Indigo Child who is also a holistic energy healer. I have my Associates in Arts (end of May), have had many pleased & blessed clients, and am very passionate about my work. My soul purpose is to help others find health, wellness, balance, and happiness. In my practice, I use & provide holistic tools such as healing crystals, tarot, essential oils, herbs, and other natural products. My greatest passion in life, is watching others transform and find their deepest self, in healthy spiritual ways. I believe we all have the right to wellness, the right to Divine peace! I am here to be a guide along your journey. Let the journey begin!          Namaste!


Current Location: Twin Cities Area, Minnesota

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